Service Options

yourSMSF is able to offer you a full range of services, ranging from simple fund establishment right through to a daily administration service.

If you wish to have a high level of involvement in the operation of your SMSF and have the time to keep track of the day to day transactions then the yourSMSF Annual Service is the right answer.

If you would rather have someone else handle the day to day correspondence and transaction recording then the yourSMSF Daily Service will help you to ensure that your SMSF continues to conform with compliance laws throughout the year.

yourSMSF Annual Service

Under this service the Trustee is responsible for the operation of the SMSF during the year and collecting and forwarding all financial records of their SMSF after year end to allow us to complete the annual regulatory accounting, reporting and auditing. The completed documentation is then returned to the Trustee for signing prior to us completing the tax lodgement for the year.

Unlike some service providers who only provide SMSF administration as an adjunct to their primary business (say business or personal accounting) Trustees using our YourSMSF Annual Service have the comfort of knowing that their fund is reviewed at least once per year by industry experts whose full time occupation is the professional management of SMSFs.

yourSMSF Daily Service

The YourSMSF Daily Service will ensure that member records are maintained as regularly as possible, investment transactions are recorded as soon as the information becomes available and fund information is made accessible to the Trustees via our secure Web Site.

Under this service yourSMSF becomes the mailing address for all fund related information which is recorded and generally forwarded to Trustees electronically. This information is processed daily ensuring the SMSF records are maintained on a regular basis and DDH bank entries are reconciled monthly. Investment Strategy compliance, BAS/IAS reporting, daily upload of information onto the Web Site, Quarterly e-mail reports etc. are all services included within the Daily Administration Service.